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Rinnai Solar Hot Water

Rinnai LogoAt Rinnai, we’ve developed a range of highly efficient solar hot water systems to help you reduce your carbon footprint whilst enjoying savings on the cost of heating your water.

Our solar systems are actually very simple with roof-mounted collectors absorbing the suns energy which heats the water. The hot water is transferred to a dedicated storage tank ready for use.

To ensure there’s always hot water for those not so sunny days, an electric or gas booster is added to the system.

Prestige Range

The Rolls Royce of solar hot water systems.

Our hot water units are highly regarded for their innovation and superior quality, and our range of Prestige Solar Hot Water Systems are no different. By replacing an electric storage water heater with a Rinnai Prestige Solar Water Heater, you can potentially reduce electricity consumption, running costs and environmental impact of your hot water system by 2/3rds*

Our Prestige solar systems are designed with superior quality and flexibility in mind, utilising 444-grade stainless steel tanks. Offering three configurations of either a close-coupled system with a flat plate collector.

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Sunmaster Range

Solar hot water systems that are affordable and environmentally friendly

Our Sunmaster solar range is designed to maximise the free energy from the sun, whilst also providing quality units that are affordable. Environmentally friendly and cost-effective, we’ve developed 3 types of solar hot water units, close-coupled systems, flat plate systems and evacuated tube systems, which allow our solar water heaters to be integrated into almost any home

Download the Rinnai Sunmaster brochure

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