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Solar Battery

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Solar Battery is the future of solar energy. A Hybrid battery allows you to capture your generated energy to use at night while still being connected to the grid. Some battery systems allow for the use of energy in a blackout. Batteries are a great investment for those looking to be self-sufficient and dramatically reduce their energy bill.

At EcoSmart Solar we specialise in providing the right battery solution for your home. Our highly trained, licenced and accredited consultants can come to your home, analyze your energy use patterns then recommend the best battery solution for you. We are a local business and highly recommend you visit our showroom at 256 Denison Street Rockhampton City to view the range of systems we have available.

We can offer access to our battery systems through a Flexible Payment Plan. Through our finance partner Rate Setter, we can offer a low-interest Green Loan with flexible terms up to 7 years and fiance up to $50,000.

Our battery systems can also be retro-fitted to an existing solar system. The flexible solutions we offer can complement your existing solar, increase your self-consumption of solar and minimise grid export and also provide an emergency power supply in the event of a black-out. Protect your home today by adding an EcoSmart Battery system to your home.

Energy Security

We’ve observed a significant rise in the adoption of battery cells in recent years, and there are several reasons driving this trend. One major motivation is the pursuit of energy independence. With concerns over the reliability of grid supply, particularly in regions like Queensland, many individuals are proactively preparing for potential disruptions.

As the quality of the grid supply becomes increasingly uncertain, battery systems offer a reliable solution to safeguard against long-term power outages. By storing energy generated from renewable sources like solar, these systems provide a crucial safety net, ensuring uninterrupted power supply even in the face of distribution network failures.

At EcoSmart, we understand the importance of energy resilience, and our battery solutions are designed to provide peace of mind.

LG Chem Solar Batteries: RESU 3.3kWh, RESU 6.5kWh & RESU 9.8kWh At EcoSmart we have a range of batteries depending on your needs.

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We also offer a range of Battery Inverters and Hybrid solar battery inverters.

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Quality Battery Solutions

When it comes to battery systems, our advice is simple yet crucial. The Tesla, BYD, and LG systems we offer provide indefinite long-term blackout protection, allowing you to live comfortably for an extended period – as long as you’re conservative with your energy usage.

Think of it like a bucket of water: how quickly you use it depends on your needs, but with solar replenishing it daily, it can last indefinitely. During a blackout, prioritise essentials like keeping the fridge running, charging devices, and maintaining airflow with fans. Use air conditioning conservatively, especially once the sun sets.

At EcoSmart, we understand the importance of keeping the whole family comfortable and entertained, even during outages. Invest in reliable battery systems for peace of mind and uninterrupted living.


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