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SolarEdge DC Optimised Inverter System

SolarEdge – Solar System

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Why SolarEdge

SolarEdge is a global leader in smart energy technology and an innovator of smart energy management allowing users to decrease their electricity bills, improve energy independence and enjoy automatic, on the go device control.

  • Full visibility and control of all products is available via the smart energy mobile application and the SolarEdge monitoring platform
  • Add a battery, hot water Immersion heater control or an Electric Vehicle charger (available in 2019)
  • Easy to Install Dry contact switches to control appliances and automate your home via phone via the App

SE has Enhanced Safety – SafeDCTM

  • Flip the safety switch on inverter- low voltage 1v DC per optimiser on roof.
    • SE has Arc detection
    • Optimisers shutdown the DC voltage in the PV wires to protect installers, maintenance personnel and firefighters

More Energy – Increased energy yield

    • DC optimizers with individual MPPT and wide voltage window generate maximum energy at individual module level  – the current & voltage adjusts per panel (buck & boosting) nice bell curves all day, optimisers will wake up earlier and shutdown late, string systems will spike up & down.

Constraint Free design enabled by SE power optimisers

    • Strings of uneven lengths
    • Panels in multiple orientations and different roof facets in a single string
    • Panels in shaded areas
    • Means more panels, more power, more revenue and a more aesthetic rooftop
    • Same design flexibility and additional energy as micros, but the cost closer to a string inverter

Save on Maintenance

    • With longer warranties for lower ongoing or replacement costs
    • 25yrs Optimizers. The optimizers keep the panel manufacturers honest and in-line with the “25yr panel performance warranty!”
    • 12yrs Inverter warranty, inverter warranty extension 20 or 25yrs is optional purchased through SE website
    • Increased visibility of each individual optimiser for maintenance or warranty repair work

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SolarEdge – Solar System

SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter

SolarEdge Power Optimizer

SolarEdge 300W Smart Module Mono

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